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Free TSCM Security Reports

The following TSCM security reports help organizations and individuals protect:

  • personal privacy,
  • secure intellectual property,
  • detect current and deter future electronic surveillance,
  • and harden their locations against future economic espionage attacks.

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(The following three reports are sent upon request.)

• The Security Director’s Guide to Discussing TSCM with Management

• Top 20 Information Security Tips for Business Travelers

• Off-Site Meeting Security Guide & Checklist


• A Guide to Off-Site Meeting Information Security

• A Cunning Plan to Protect U.S. from Business Espionage

• Corporate Espionage – The Missing Business School Courses

• Duty of Care Information Security Laws May Directly Affect You

• Home Office Security Tips for Business

• How Grandma Hears Everything, and why your business should care

• How to Choose a Competent TSCM / Counterespionage Consultant

• How to Prevent Wireless Microphone Eavesdropping

• Information Security v. Spies – Evolution & Solution

• IT Data Center TSCM Inspections

• Economic Espionage – How to Fight Back

• Economic Espionage Theory

• Employee Competitors… and what to do about it

• Executive Suite Operational Privacy Considerations

• Extortionography

• Confidential Paperwork Security

• Corporate Counterespionage Strategy Basics

• Securing Cryptocurrency Offices from Eavesdropping and Espionage

• Shred Bin Security – Yours Stinks – Fix it for Free

• The Boss Wants a TSCM Bug Sweep — What do I do?

• Surreptitious Workplace Recording

• Spycam Detection in Workplace Expectation of Privacy Areas

• Spy Clues

• TSCM, The Other Covid Deep Clean

• Trade Secret Protection Best Practices

• Top 10 Business Counterespionage Tips Competitors Don’t Want You to Know – Part I

• Top 10 Business Counterespionage Tips Competitors Don’t Want You to Know – Part II

• Top 10 Business Counterespionage Tips Competitors Don’t Want You to Know – Part III


• Hacked USB Charging Cables

• Requirements for Financial Services Companies in NY

• Security Message Screen Saver (Rotating Messages – FREE)

• The IT Tunnel Vision Mistake

• The 20-Point Wi-Fi Security Checklist

• The FBI’s Hotel Wi-Fi Security Checklist

Reports: FutureWatch

• The Eyes Have IT (Smart Contact Lenses)

• Demise of the Old-Time Spies

• Information Security as a Service (ISaaS)


• 19 Spyware Warning Signs & 15 Prevention Tips

• 41 Smartphone Security Tips

• Average Person’s Guide to Stopping Snoops

• “Is My Cell Phone Bugged?” (book update and bonus information)

• Lost Smartphone Recovery Tip

• Spy Camera Detectors – Do they work?

• Spycam Detection Training

• Smartphones Can Make Anyone Look Stupid (IAPSC presentation)

• Would You Make a Good Spy? (Quiz)

Reports: TSCM

• Do-it-Yourself Vehicle GPS Tracker Detection

• “How Can You Tell if You, or a Room, 
is Bugged?”

• “What are the benefits of a TSCM bug sweep?”

• “How is a TSCM Bug Sweep Conducted?”

• “How much do TSCM bug sweeps cost?”

• AudioWow TSCM Detection Evaluation (wireless microphone)

• The TSCM Inspection Process

• Best Practices for Enterprise Organizations

• Bug Sweeps In-House vs. Outsourced TSCM Bug Sweeps

• Corporate Bug Sweep Methodology

• Covert Video Spy Camera Detection | Case History

• TSCM – During Construction Projects

• A Guidebook for the Beginning Sweeper

• “How often do you find bugs?”

• “Is This a Bug?”

• “I think I found a bug. What should I do?”

• Real TSCM v. Polar Bears v. Infrared Cameras

• Tektronix Case History – Spectrum Analyzer RSA6114A

• TSCM – Bug Sweeps… When and When Not To – Part I

• TSCM – Bug Sweeps… When and When Not To – Part II

• TSCM – X-ray Inspection


• Laser Beam Eavesdropping — Sci-Fi bugs?

• GSM Bug? What’s That?

• Infrared Bug Detection

• Malicious USB Cables

• NSA Type USB Cable Bug – $6.74

• How to Stop Acoustical Leakage Eavesdropping

• Ultrasonic Microphones Jammers – Do They Work?

• USB Malicious Spy Cable Detector Instructions

• USB Stick Warning

• World’s Smallest GPS Tracker and More

• World’s Smallest Voice Recorder

Reports: Odd-Balls

• Weird Spy Stories