Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth Surveillance Analysis

(DSLA) ™

Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth Cellular Surveillance Detection look like this instrument. Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth & Cellular Surveillance…

Smartphone spying, GPS trackers, Wi-Fi vulnerabilities and Bluetooth tag surveillance devices can go unnoticed.

Digital Surveillance Location Analysis (DSLA ™) helps detect some of the most difficult bugs used in all areas of illegal corporate espionage surveillance, from Boardrooms, Executive Suites, off-site meetings, to transportation (aircraft, limos and yachts).

Many devices today use the cellular network for transmitting voice, video and data. Bugs built on top of GSM technology are essentially stripped down mini smartphones that are easily remotely-controlled by an eavesdropper. They only transmit brief radio signals when on standby resulting in long periods of radio silence – making these devious devices extremely difficult to detect and find.

Rogue Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) pose similar detection challenges, as do Bluetooth tag and GPS tracking surveillance devices.

These electronic surveillance techniques leverage the power of the Internet and cellular telephone system to instantly send eavesdropped voice, data and video worldwide. You might think these devices are expensive and difficult to purchase. Click here for an instant education.

Locating these surveillance devices is nearly impossible without the proper instrumentation.

Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth Cellular Surveillance Detection graph

Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth & Cellular Surveillance Found using Digital Surveillance Location Analysis

Murray Associates has solutions to assist with discovering these illegal digital bugging devices. Digital Surveillance Location Analysis ™ was designed explicitly to ferret out GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Although DSLA ™ instrumentation can detect and locate these bugs in business locations, it is particularly efficient locating electronic surveillance devices in corporate limos, aircraft and at off-site meeting locations (conference centers and hotel rooms).

DLSA ™ captures the signals emitting from the surveillance device, no matter how briefly.  Signal triangulation techniques can pinpoint the relative location of the device to within a few feet!

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