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Murray Associates TSCM Media News and Information


While it is not possible to give specific advice to non-clients we do offer free information resources. Security directors and the general public can find this assistance in the Downloads and Blog sections. Under this Media link we have a variety of videos as well. Kevin’s Security Scrapbook contains a searchable history (2006-present) of spy and privacy news. Sign up (top right corner on the Scrapbook page) for the free updates. READ MORE


Kevin D. Murray is a published author, with a cell phone security book and multiple text book chapters on TSCM to his credit. He consults with book authors to assure accuracy of the technical details in their plots; contributes to magazine and blog articles; and works with the film industry. LEARN MORE


Our introductory booklet and security reports are free downloads. Some of the titles include:
Murray Associates TSCM & Information Security Services­
The Security Director’s Guide to Discussing TSCM with Management

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If you have any questions about the TSCM consulting services provided by Murray Associates, simply fill out the form below, or call us from a safe area and phone.

If you think you are under active electronic surveillance, or believe you have discovered a bug or covert video camera, go to our Emergency TSCM page. The procedural checklist there will tell you exactly what you need to do next.