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TSCM Vehicle Evaluations

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How To Tell If Your Car Is Bugged

TSCM vehicle inspections provide security and privacy.

How to find a listening device in your car … or is it even necessary?

Vehicles, be it corporate or personal, are easy targets of eavesdroppers and those looking to steal information or follow your movements. Many corporate companies and organizations as well as individuals routinely get a TSCM inspection for their offices, facilities, and home offices. But somehow they tend to overlook their cars. However, vehicles are easy to be bugged since they’re typically left unattended, often for long hours, be it on the streets or in parking lots.

Moreover when someone plants hidden surveillance devices inside an office or home, they have most likely also bugged the vehicles. Unsuspecting individuals often hold private and business conversations in their vehicles as it’s hard to imagine they could be bugged. Feeling safe and secure in the confines of their car or van, they tend to divulge the most confidential and sensitive information inadvertently.

Why Professional TSCM Services for Vehicles Are a Necessity?

It’s hard to tell when your car is bugged as bugs in vehicles are often hard to detect. Come to think of it, it’s not hard for eavesdroppers to determine where to hide a GPS tracker on a car. It’s very simple: More often than not trackers on vehicles are hidden underneath as it doesn’t even require getting inside the car. However they may also be hidden inside the car along with listening devices. Advanced bugs today can not only listen but also track the location.

At Murray Associates, we can locate and identify even the tiniest and most discreet devices that are extremely inconspicuous. For those of you looking for ways to tell if your company car is bugged, or you think an entire fleet may be having this problem, remember professional experts have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to find covert devices and bugs.

TSCM Vehicle Inspections

Corporate and personal vehicles are extremely easy targets for espionage,
especially when left unattended.

The day to day responsibilities of corporate executives and government officials often include travel, thus making TSCM vehicle inspections even more applicable.

Anytime an executive leaves their home base, maintaining security and privacy is increasingly difficult. This is especially true when traveling by shared corporate limousines.

Planting these devices can take from minutes to a few seconds. The devices are inexpensive. They are readily available from on-line spy shops, and to name a few locations. Little installation skill is needed, sometime none at all. Few vehicles are guarded 24/7 so there is little deterrent and risk of discovery. These are good reasons for conducting TSCM vehicle inspections.

Since the spy’s number one goal is not to get caught, covert bugging gear almost always goes unnoticed. There are, however, two exceptions.

  • The device is found by accident (rare, but it does happen).
  • Or, the device is found because someone like us was asked to search for it.
180º Photo of Wheel Well Inspection for Surveillance Devices

Murray Associates Case Photo

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Sweeps, or TSCM vehicle inspections, are part of any complete corporate security program.

Corporate vehicles are usually inspected biannually; more often during times of high risk.

Provide privacy assurance for your vehicles. Our technical investigators can clear your transportation of unauthorized electronic eavesdropping devices, bugs, voice recorders, covert video cameras, and GPS trackers. We know what to look for, and where to look.

Professional TSCM Vehicle Evaluations

Especially recommended if…

  • Your vehicles are used for business.
  • You are a high profile individual.
  • If your adversary is moderately skilled, or hires an auto electronics installer to plant a surveillance device.

Professional TSCM evaluations provide:

  • Specialized expertise and instrumentation.
An expert witness should the case go to court.
  • Peace of mind.

With our TSCM Vehicle Inspections your confidentiality is assured.


Have a Question About TSCM?

If you have any questions about the TSCM vehicle evaluations provided by Murray Associates consultants, simply fill out the form below, or call us from a safe area and phone. If you think you are under active electronic surveillance, or believe you have discovered a bug or covert video camera, go to our Emergency TSCM page. The procedural checklist there will tell you exactly what you need to do next.