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Never let your wireless key fob out of your control.

Wireless key fobs are useful. They can control many things, like access to:

  • vehicles (doors, ignition, trunks, windows),
  • garage doors,
  • security gates,
  • alarm panels,
  • restricted areas, and more.

However, they can instantly be used against you; quicker than picking a lock.

Here’s why… Anyone (service person, neighbor, guest, valet, etc.) only needs to have access to your wireless key fob for a few seconds to make one for themselves.

Gif showing fob duplicationHere’s how… Fob duplicators are cheap, readily available, and incredibly easy for anyone to use. If you can press two buttons at the same time, you can duplicate a wireless key fob.

This $2.99 fob duplicator (ad shown below) can duplicate up to four totally different fobs. Think of the criminal possibilities…

  • Entry to your gated community.
  • Then, disengage your home security alarm.
  • Then, open your garage door,
  • Then, drive away in your new car.

By the way, where do you store your wireless key fobs? Do they all hang on a hook in the kitchen or break room? Do you keep the spares together in one drawer? See how easy it would be for someone visiting your home or office to duplicate all of them in under a minute?

Ad for wireless key fob duplicator

Are you thinking, “Hey, I want one for myself.” While a duplicator might be handy for you to have, it could become a real headache if your multi-key were lost or stolen.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only way wireless keys are stolen. Someone within 100 feet of you can duplicate your fob transmissions with a hacking tool—which can also capture and duplicate entry codes from card-keys used to entry most commercial buildings and office suites.

Keysure one time use key holder Our security recommendation: Keep all spare keys (wireless fobs or otherwise) stored securely. If you need to leave a spare with someone else for emergencies use a one-time storage box.

Wireless key fob cloning  is only one spy trick. There are hundreds more. We can help you reduce your corporate espionage risks, and enhance the safety of your key personnel. Call us.


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Headquartered in the New York metropolitan area, a Murray Associates team can assist you quickly, anywhere in the United States, and internationally.

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