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The Infrared Door Lock Bypassing Trick

This security vulnerability is an access control lock trick. The master key is AIR, a joke acronym for “Anti InfraRed”, but it literally is just air. Surprisingly, air can open card-key protected doors in many commercial buildings.

Security is important to any business or government organization. Even though an organization has taken all the security measures possible, corporate spies know how to bypass many of them.

The first line of defense for any secure building or office is the door. Many of these are controlled by card-key access controlled locks. Exiting is often automated using an infrared door lock release sensor. Unfortunately, this is one of the security measures that spies can circumvent easily. All it takes is one blast of compressed air on the sensor – the door opens, and they are in.

When it comes to corporate espionage, bypassing door locks is just one of many tricks available for getting defeating your security measures. We can alert you to them. Our counterespionage survey can identify the weak spots in your organization’s physical and information security efforts and make recommendations to remediate them. Below is a video that illustrates one example of a weak spot you may not have been aware of. It is only one spy technique, we can make you aware of many more.

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