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The Security Director’s Guide to Discussing TSCM with Management

A complete Technical Surveillance Countermeasures FAQ. An instant TSCM education.

• What is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)?

• How is it done?

• Why should we do this?

• What are the benefits?

People turn to you for security advice. They expect you to know about eavesdropping detection. They look to you for the truth. Providing them with accurate information and sound advice increases your reputation and credibility. The Security Director’s Guide will help you do that.

The guide also answers many questions you may have, such as:
• What should we be protecting?
• Do we legally need this type of security?
• What’s the inspection process?
• Why is a written report important?
• Contract v. In-House. Maybe another way?
• Who are you, and why should I trust you?
• Do you need to see my building first?
• Could you give me a rough idea of the cost?
• May I call you with additional questions? (of course)

The Security Director’s Guide

to Discussing TSCM with Management

Explains Technical Surveillance Countermeasures in simple terms.
It also answers the most often asked questions about the electronic surveillance evaluation process.

The Security Director's Guide to Discussing TSCM with Management

If The Security Director’s Guide to Discussing TSCM with Management hasn’t answered all your questions, please see our FAQ page, or contact us directly.

If you would like a spiral bound copy for your bookshelf mailed to you just let us know here.
We won’t call you unless asked, or share your information. Promise.
(Mailed only to U.S. business addresses which can benefit from employing TSCM services.)


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