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Residential & Home Office TSCM Inspections

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Increasing Significance of Residential TSCM Inspections Today

Since the work from home practice has become more commonplace, the relevance of residential TSCM security has only risen. Busy executives and professionals are known to carry work home. It’s not surprising considering that the 9 to 5 workday was losing its relevance, with prolonged working hours and increasing competition in the global economy.

However, regardless of whether you’re working from home sporadically or regularly, TSCM evaluations are necessary. If you’re wondering how you can sweep your house for listening devices, you already know its importance. But how and what exactly do TSCM examinations reveal?

They can detect hidden recording devices such as cameras and audio recorders that are used to procure or rather steal sensitive information. With advances in technology, surveillance devices are becoming increasingly miniaturized, which makes them even harder to detect. So, if you want to effectively sweep your house for listening devices, it’d be best to seek the services of reputed and experienced professionals.

Even offices and onsite commercial facilities that are seemingly protected with hi-tech security measures are often infiltrated with such intrusive devices. Thus it’s easy to see how homes, most of which are not equipped with high-grade security equipment, can become easy targets of eavesdroppers. Moreover, with the widespread adoption of online apps and technologies for conducting virtual business meetings and sharing documents, the threat increases exponentially.

So, if you’ve been exploring how to detect listening devices in your home, we don’t blame you. But with the help of Murray Associates consultants, you can leave your fears behind. With our advanced technologies and specialized expertise, we can locate a broad range of surveillance devices, including hidden cameras, recording equipment, FM audio transmitters, GPS / Bluetooth tag tracking devices, wireless devices, and many more. In addition, we help our corporate clients detect breaches in home and office telephones and network systems.

We routinely conduct assessments in a variety of locations, including some which may surprise you. Drawing of man working in home office

Keep in mind a residence may be permanent or temporary, and home office is a broad term. What they all have in common is a need for personal and informational privacy.

Residential TSCM services require knowledge, trustworthiness, and the proper demeanor.

Residential TSCM / Home Office Security Surveys

As business migrates to work from home valuable information is exposed. Home offices lack the security features of their corporate counterparts. Work from home offices are ripe targets for corporate espionage. Your adversaries know this.

Every home office requires a security survey at least once per year. An evaluation for technical information leaks (bugs, taps, covert video, etc.) is the TSCM part. We also:

  • conduct a Wi-Fi security / compliance analysis,

  • and provide recommendations for physical security.

Protecting intellectual property at a home office is just one aspect. We consider family privacy and safety as well.

Our home office TSCM security survey is non intrusive, non destructive, and very low key. It is conducted at your convenience, expeditiously.

Non Home Office Residences

Off-site business is conducted in a variety of locations. These are some of the alternate residential TSCM inspection / Home Office Security Survey locations we handle…

Some of the situations where we conduct residential / home office TSCM are pretty unusual as well. Take the cruise ship, for example. A large company hired a cruise ship to take two trips from New York to Bermuda as a promotion for a new product launch. “Why two trips,” I hear you say. Well, they had a lot of important people they wanted to impress, but didn’t want anyone to have a room without a sea view. During the cruise, the company held many private meetings. We kept them secure.

Residential TSCM inspections are conducted at hotels too. Example: Law firms conduct sensitive, large-scale litigation at locations away from their headquarters. They often book whole floors of a hotel. They have us keep their strategies confidential.

Companies hold off-site meetings at hotel conference centers. They routinely call on us to protect their information from prying eyes and ears.

Celebrities and dignitaries require information security and privacy during their travels. They especially require the privacy protection our residential TSCM provides.

Contact us to discuss your needs. No scare tactics. No pressure. No obligation.


By the way, if you need an absolutely private off-site meeting location we can help with that too. Hey, it worked for Ben Franklin and his friends.

Luxury car parked in front of mansion
  • Residential TSCM is not intrusive.
  • Visits may be scheduled at your convenience.
  • You specify the areas to evaluate and/or not.
  • Vehicle evaluations may be conducted during the same visit.  

Most importantly, we fully respect your privacy and confidentiality.


Have a Question About Home Office TSCM?

If you have any questions about the residential home office TSCM consulting services provided by Murray Associates, simply fill out the form below, or call us from a safe area and phone.

If you think you are under active electronic surveillance, or believe you have discovered a bug or covert video camera, go to our Emergency TSCM page. The procedural checklist there will tell you exactly what you need to do next.