TSCM technology instrumentation enhances our technical investigator’s effectiveness.
Electronic surveillance devices continue to be more ingenious and capable.
So does the instrumentation required to ferret them out.
Low cost gadgets and surplus gear can’t keep up.
Advanced technology is critical for detection.

Radio-Reconnaissance Spectrum Analysis™

Many eavesdropping devices transmit audio, video and data information via radio waves. Murray Associates provides TSCM and eavesdropping detection using real-time RF spectrum analysis, an advanced TSCM technology.

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TSCM technology Tektronix RSA Signal Behind a Signal

Non-Linear Junction Detection

Non-linear Junction Detection (NLJD) is a TSCM technology that can locate spycams and other bugging devices even when they are on standby, turned off or out of battery power. We were the first non-government TSCM organization to adopt this technology for our clients.

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TSCM Technology NLJD Non-linear Junction Detector

Thermal Emissions Spectrum Analysis™

Our laboratory grade TESA™ instrumentation senses and displays temperature differentials. This advanced technology allows us to find hidden surveillance cameras and other devices during the inspection process, without any property damage.

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TSCM Technology Infrared Bug Detection Ceiling Tile 3 Views

WiFi / Wireless LAN Security Audits with Compliance Reporting

It only takes one loophole, for hackers to get in and data to be lost. It can also cause you to be out of compliance. Using TSCM technology, our Wireless LAN (WLAN) Audit helps guard against eavesdropping, network intrusions, data disasters and government penalties. In environments which work under HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and GLBA regulations the fines can be very substantial.

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TSCM Technology WLAN chart

Communications Systems Analysis

Our specialized communications inspection instrumentation is capable of testing all types of business digital, VoIP and POTS telephone systems. Unlike older or inferior test equipment, this TSCM technology will not cause any damage to digital circuitry. This is important. Although repairing your communications system is costly, it is the consequential damages that are enormous.

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TSCM Technology Communications Test Set

Digital Surveillance Location Analysis™

Devices such as GSM bugs and GPS trackers transmit infrequently. This makes them difficult to detect. Rogue LAN attachment detection is also challenging. Specialized instrumentation is required to detect these devices. We contacted a company with our idea for modifying their technology to do this. They agreed, and custom built the first instrument for us. Later purchasers included the CIA. Really, we watched them use it.

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Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Location

X-Ray Inspection & Analysis

X-ray analysis during TSCM inspections offers the most assurance a room object isn’t bugged. We don’t recommend this inspection service for everyone. Primary TSCM inspection techniques are excellent for most situations. But, when the stakes are high enough—and the opposition is sophisticated enough—a Murray Associates TSCM X-ray deep clean is the logical option.

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“In TSCM forensics, there is no room for error.
You have to give it your best shot the first time. Second chances are rare.
You never want to compromise a case – or your reputation – by trusting inferior instrumentation.”

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If you think you are under active electronic surveillance, or believe you have discovered a bug or covert video camera, go to our Emergency TSCM page. The procedural checklist there will tell you exactly what you need to do next.