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Guess what all these superheroes have in common.

  • Superman
  • WolverineThe Blue Ear Eavesdropping Super Hearing
  • Supergirl
  • Power Girl
  • Green Lantern
  • Daredevil
  • John Hancock
  • Wordgirl
  • The Blue Ear (bionically)
They all have eavesdropping super hearing powers. When they need to listen through walls; hey, no problem.
Piezo Stethoscope on Wall - Man Listening Have you ever wanted eavesdropping super hearing powers? Admit it. We all have. Corporate espionage types find it especially useful as well.
There are dozens of ways to bug a room to hear confidential conversations. However, most of these ways requires access to the room to plant the bug. Modern science to the rescue (if you are the bugger). Since about half of corporate espionage is an insider issue this is a big problem for corporate security directors too.
Everyone from the office staff just outside of the boss’s office, to the Machiavellian executive in the adjacent office who wants that promotion, desperately wants to hear behind closed doors. Now they can. Anybody can. Easily. Covertly. Cheaply.
Small Wireless Piezo Stethoscope Measurements Wireless Piezo Stethoscope and AirPods Small, wireless, electronic stethoscopes are available to anyone. Using Bluetooth technology, and directly connecting to wireless earbuds, a person can place a small puck against a wall and hear everything spoken on the other side. No need for them to even be near the wall. Bluetooth transmits wirelessly up to 30 feet away! Hiding the puck in the room works, too. Even on the off chance the eavesdropping super hearing puck is discovered the finder might not understand what it is, and certainly can’t trace it back to the spy.

How do Eavesdropping Super Hearing Pucks Work?

The puck contains a piezoelectric wafer. When sound hits the wafer the wafer vibrates. This generates a bit of electricity, same as in a standard microphone. So far, nothing new. Piezoelectric energy has been used to create microphones for a long time. Combining piezo-electronics with a Bluetooth transmitter is new. Thank you, medical profession. Doctors have long had eavesdropping super hearing capabilities, via rubber tubing, mostly for heart and lung eavesdropping. (Boring for corporate spies.) This new combination gives doctors a very tiny, sensitive, portable, and tubeless stethoscope.

How to Defeat Eavesdropping Super Hearing Pucks Simple White Noise Generator to counter eavesdropping super hearing.

Depending upon the situation—take nosey apartment neighbors or executive office snoops for example—retribution is deafingly simple. Just introduce your own sound into the adjacent wall and/or ceiling. A simple white noise machine properly attached to the common wall, and/or in a false ceiling if practical, introduces a static-like noise into the wall. This makes your room conversations unintelligible to the person on the other side.
ANG-2200 Acoustic Noise Generator Specialized units, for a more permanent and professional installation, are also available at a slightly greater cost. They are best suited for permanent installations, like office environments.
This professional system consists of a 2-channel random noise generator and associated transducers. The transducers (aka speakers) mount on the wall (and/or ceiling) and are wired to the generator.
The chart below shows the suggested placement of the transducers to counter eavesdropping super hearing. Most of the white noise is absorbed into the wall. Very little is heard within the room being protected. And, what little might be heard is unobjectionable and soon ignored by the brain. Click here for additional information.

Businesses have an ongoing need to prevent eavesdropping. Eavesdropping super hearing is just one spy trick. Proactive assistance is required to mitigates losses. A certified technical information security consultant can help. In addition to identifying information security vulnerabilities and recommending solutions such as this, they also provide Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services to locate all the other electronic surveillance espionage techniques.


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