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Murray Associates Mug Collection Old private detective saying, "So clients get mugged."

We have a long history of presenting special spy-themed mugs to our clients. Each limited-edition series is unique; never reproduced.

People owning these bits of history, love them. People that have lost or broken them ask for replacements. (“Sorry, we don’t have that one any more.”) People who see them ask if they can buy one from us. It hurts to say, no.

Solution! Create a mug anyone can own.

“Don’t bug me!”

A dramatic statement conveying several powerful messages. Put it on your desk to warn away time-suckers while you are busy working. It also lets the spies know that you are well aware of their electronic surveillance tricks, and you know how to foil them. There is an outdoors/camping version of the mug, too. (We doubt insects can read, but it is worth a try.) Some wag told us it makes a great end-of-relationship gift, too! You are smart and creative. How will you put your DBM mug to use?

Available now at SpyArtStudio.

Spring Site Photo Mug Dont Bug Me Front View