These videos will answer many of your questions about security, counterespionage measures and the different techniques and equipment involved in the worlds of espionage and counterespionage. We hope you find them informative. If you still have questions after viewing them, feel free to contact us.

Introduction to Murray Associates

Who we are. What we do. How we can help you.

This American Life — “Spies Like Us”

An audio only interview with Kevin D. Murray about the professional TSCM inspections he conducts for business and government begins at 6:05.
Courtesy – PRI – Public Radio International (14:22)


Hotel / Conference Center Eavesdropping

Audio visual equipment supplied by hotel / conference centers often leave meetings vulnerable to eavesdroppers.

USB Voice Recorder in the Boardroom

Bugging a boardroom is simple and it can be implemented in a matter of seconds. See how easily your privacy can compromised.

How They Get in to Plant Bugs

There are many ways someone can enter your offices to plant bugs and other electronic surveillance devices. This is just one example. Alerting our clients to these vulnerabilities is just part of our counterespionage service.

Bug in the Office

Bugging an office or a boardroom, there’s not much difference. See how easily your office could be bugged and your intellectual property put at risk.

Who is that man?

An employee coming to work?
A vendor attending a proposal meeting?
Is he here to repair something?

To most people those questions don’t even come to mind. If he can produce credentials that seem appropriate for a legitimate visit – repair the copier, install a new phone, or delivering your new chair – he will never raise any suspicion.

Unfortunately, this now legitimate visitor, who is probably very nice too, will plant three electronic eavesdropping devices, in strategic areas, before he leaves. It will only take him seconds. You will never see it happen. You will never know – until it’s too late.

This is only one industrial espionage spy trick. There are hundreds more.

That’s why, savvy corporations, government agencies and organizations conduct periodic Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) bug sweeps. Today’s electronic “bugs” are increasingly smaller and easier to drop into innocuous spaces to gather information – your sensitive information.

TSCM is used by hundreds of organizations to clear their sensitive areas of bugging, wiretapping and devices used to attack computers and networks . Your company should use TSCM too. At Murray Associates, electronic eavesdropping detection is our specialty.


Discovery Channel – Daily Planet

If you ever wanted to look over the shoulder of a bug sweep team in action, this is your chance! The Daily Planet interviewed the Murray Associates technicians while they conducted an electronic eavesdropping detection audit. The video clip shows them conducting spectrum analysis, nonlinear junction detection, infrared detection, a Wi-Fi security and compliance audit and more.


HBO  – “K Street”

Murray Associates conducts an eavesdropping detection audit and provides a debriefing for James Carville and Mary Matalin.
(Executive Producers: George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh, 4:14)


As the show opens, the offices of Bergstrom Lowell are being searched for listening devices.

James Carville and Mary Matalin talk to Kevin D. Murray, a consultant, about increasing their “perimeter security.” He points out that none of the offices have locks on the doors, and suggests shredding their garbage and installing a noise masking system to thwart eavesdroppers. When Matalin wonders if they’re just being paranoid, Murray tells them to trust their instincts if they feel something is wrong.

Apparently, all these precautions are in response to suspicions about the real-life leak to columnist Robert Novak of the name of a CIA operative.

Crime Inc. – Secrets for Sale

Discussion of business espionage, corporate-level debugging (TSCM) and the electronic countermeasures instrumentation involved. Especially important is the FBI’s warning.

“Someone’s Watching”

The New York Times / Discovery Channel documentary with Murray Associates explaining Advanced Eavesdropping Detection and TSCM instrumentation.

212 – On Assignment

Fox news follows Murray Associates on an assignment.

Have a Question About TSCM?

If you have any questions about the TSCM services provided by Murray Associates, simply fill out the form below, or call us from a safe area and phone. If you think you are under active electronic surveillance, or believe you have discovered a bug or covert video camera, go to our Emergency TSCM page. The procedural checklist there will tell you exactly what you need to do next.