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The USB Voice Recorder
A Memory with Ears

USB recorder spy pen commonly used for surreptitious workplace recording.

Spy pen commonly used for surreptitious workplace recording.

Inexpensive and low tech, the USB voice recorder is a highly effective bugging device. Appearing to just be an ordinary computer accessory, it can be placed inconspicuously in a conference or boardroom.

With up to 150 hours of recording capability, a week’s worth of closed door meetings can be recorded. Once retrieved, the sensitive and confidential conversations contained on the device can be used to cause significant damage to the organization being bugged.

When it comes to electronic eavesdropping, if you don’t know what to look for, the simplest eavesdropping devices can be easily missed. It is vital to businesses and government agencies to maintain their privacy and secure their intellectual property.

This is only one spy trick, there are hundreds more from which we can protect you. For this reason, many organizations protect themselves by regularly having professional electronic eavesdropping sweeps performed.

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