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TSCM Aircraft Inspections Top 20 Closed Country Information Security Tips

The Top Twenty Information Security Tips
for Business Travelers to Closed Society Countries

Information security tips help keep your competitive advantage and privacy.

Top 20 Tips for Business Travelers

For many countries the general security advice is mild. “Don’t carry too much cash,” and “don’t drink the water” are frequently heard tips. Visits to some countries, however, require strong information security tips. Your information in these countries is under heavy attack. These countries are usually, but not always, “closed society countries.” Keeping your smartphone and laptop secure while there is a big part of protecting yourself.

The following is general information security awareness and advice to keep in mind while traveling in (or through) closed society countries. You may not be able to employ every bit of advice, in every situation, but everything that you can do will help. Security is a “How high do we build the wall, commander?” effort… (Answer: High enough to keep them out!)

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