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Planting bugs, spy cameras, and other illegal surveillance devices is easy. Most come disguised as fully functional everyday objects. They are being built into wall clocks, power strips, USB chargers, and even desktop calculators, for example. View our gallery of interesting X-ray images.

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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) consultants have a variety of very effective ways to detect electronic surveillance devices. Using X-ray is often overkill. But, when the stakes are high enough—and the opposition is sophisticated enough—a TSCM X-ray deep clean is the logical option. This technique offers the most assurance that room objects are not bugged.

There are times when a TSCM X-ray deep clean is just smart due diligence. A prime example is when installing a new phone system, keyboards, mice or other office items. This is the ideal time to sneak a bug in, and for a TSCM X-ray deep clean.

A TSCM X-ray inspection can economically inspect all the new arrivals at one time, on-site, or shipped to an X-ray lab before a surveillance device can enter the workplace. Once imaged, analyzed and deemed safe, the item can be discretely security sealed. This assures the item has not been tampered with since the inspection.

When should a TSCM X-ray inspection be conducted?

  • When the stakes are high.
  • When the opposition is formidable.
  • When the areas being inspected with regular TSCM methods are especially sensitive.
  • Whenever you bring new tech into the workplace en masse. New desk phones, new computer equipment, new gifts, for example.

How often should an a TSCM X-ray deep clean be conducted?

  • Once per year during the quarterly, proactive TSCM inspections. (Quarterly inspections are the norm for most businesses.)
  • Whenever there are active suspicions of illegal electronic surveillance.
  • Upon the discovery of a listening device or other suspicious object.

Counterespionage Tip: If one bug is discovered, keep searching. Professionals will plant multiple devices, with one being easy to find. Their strategy… to thwart further searching by inexperienced TSCM technicians.

Types of X-ray analysis services we offer:

  • On-site, when we are conducting a Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) inspection for you.
  • On-site, to inspect multiple new items entering your environment, such as new telephones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.
  • Objects may also be mailed to the Murray Associates TSCM lab for X-ray inspection and analysis. Contact us directly for details.

X-Ray Modern Handset

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