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New technologies are making it easier than ever to listen in on private conversations. From corporate boardrooms to stock market trading floors, high-tech bugs are easy to plant and hard to detect. Eavesdropping technology is so cheap that most anyone with nefarious intent can plant a bug. At the most rudimentary level, all it takes is a cell phone set to auto-answer hidden in an out-of-the way nook.

So what’s a worried executive or security professional to do?

Increasingly, companies and government agencies are turning to firms that specialize in detecting and removing eavesdropping and other surveillance devices. One of the leaders in the segment is Murray Associates. Based in Oldwick, New Jersey, the company which is registered as Spybusters, LLC, is seeing heightened demand for its services. So much demand, in fact, that the company recently purchased a Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) as the centerpiece in its growing arsenal of electronic countermeasure instrumentation. It follows that as the spies get more sophisticated, counter espionage measures need to keep pace.

Kevin D. Murray, CPP, CISM, founded Murray Associates in 1978. The specialized security consultancy provides a full set of electronic eavesdropping audit services, often referred to as “TSCM” by security practitioners. Although Murray’s team regularly travels worldwide for its clients, the Boston-New York­Washington D.C. corridor is where the Tektronix RTSA sees the most action. The company’s team regularly inspects clients’ executive suites, boardrooms, trading floors, vehicles and aircraft as well as executive homes and off-site meeting locations for any form of electronic surveillance technology. As Murray notes, “electronic surveillance is the one spy trick that is detectable.” Over the years, the company’s mix of services has shifted from responding to suspected breaches to where most clients now ask for routine inspections once a quarter or before especially important meetings.

This change has made it increasingly important for Murray Associates to have equipment on hand that can identify and locate surveillance devices quickly and with the highest degree of certainty…

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