Technical Information Security Survey

Why You Need a Technical Information Security Survey

“The world has changed.
Corporate Espionage is the new Honest Competition.
You need Operational Privacy to compete.”

As an example, here is an eye-opening excerpt from an Entrepreneur Magazine article.

3 Reasons You Should Spy on Your Competition

One of the best ways to thoroughly understand your market is to take a look at your competition. By not spying, you are at a significant disadvantage.

Here are three reasons it’s a good idea to spy on your competition…

  • Without spying, it’s impossible to know what you’re up against — as a result, you can’t completely prepare.
  • It’s easy to do. Don’t be discouraged from spying on your competition by assuming that it is daunting or resource intensive.
  • It would be wasteful to not spy. Speaking of wasted resources, without spying on your competition it’s very easy to waste time trying to find your ideal market and your reach.

This is why a debugging sweep, or technical information security survey of offices and conference rooms is now a standard element of corporate security.

How things got this way is interesting.

Evolution of the Spy Generation

Spying as a method of getting ahead in business, was not encouraged during most of the 20th Century. Children were taught entrepreneurial ideals, like: hard work, independence, persistence, and inventiveness. So, how did we get to…
“Screw it, let’s spy!”

Moral Corrosion is an Evolutionary Process

Seasoned readers will remember the days when kids had heroes who exemplified moral codes: The Shadow, Joe Friday (Dragnet), Dan Matthews (Highway Patrol), The Lone Ranger, etc.

Others may remember the glamorization of the “good” spy from TV shows like: Secret Agent, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission Impossible, I Spy, and The Prisoner.

These entertainments still languish deep in digital tombs like YouTube; as forgotten as the Greek Chorus. On the bright side, at least these morality plays still exist.

1960’s spy shows spawned a huge market for children’s spy toys. The market remains strong today, and the toys are much more technically advanced.

Children have grown up with spy toys for decades. Spy toy makers blatantly promote spying as cool and fun. Eventually this propaganda becomes truth, and kids grow up feeling spying is normal…

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